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Download your competitors’ most profitable Facebook ad campaigns & replicate them in minutes.

Eliminating the guesswork and shows you exactly what ads are working on Facebook & Instagram right now!

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  • Find profitable Shopify stores & products.
  • Find top selling t-shirt designs on Teespring.
  • Find the most profitable mobile offers.
  • Find out what's selling for Amazon Affiliates.
  • find high converting cpa offers that are profitable on Facebook.
  • Find new & profitable niches that no one wants you to know.


600K Profitable Facebook Ads

get access to a huge and growing database of highly profitable Facebook ads in any niche. See what’s truly working on Facebook for your competitors right now, and forever more.

100,000 Instagram Ads

for the first time ever, see the cash-raking Instagram ads that your competitors are using to pull in customers like crazy. You won’t find feature this anywhere else!

Video Ads

See the Videos That Your Competitors Are Using To Steal All The Traffic and Cheap Clicks in Your Niche!

Follow Your Competitors

Follow Your Competitor Ads to Keep In The Loop, And Get Fresh New Ideas Week After Week!

10,000 Viral Posts

stop wasting time and money creating content that gets ignored, and start downloading thousands of viral post ideas that are already raking in traffic for your competitors

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