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AK Booster is desktop software that makes kindle market research, keyword research, and book promotion amazingly easy and fast. It will change the way you work by reducing the effort you are required to expend.

AK Booster is profit extracting technology that formulates the secret m-code algorithm that finds kindle niches with hungry buyers.

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  • Works on MAC and PC.
  • Can find Kindle’s leading indicators and show potential niches no one has written about yet.
  • Can find specific competition, demand and overall scores, for any keyword in Amazon.
  • Can find reviewers for your book.
  • Can submit your books to the leading advertising sites for free downloads and promotions.
  • Can find reviewers on Amazon, GoodReads and Facebook.


The Niche Finder

This feature tells you what Amazon users are actively searching for. In other words, instead of guessing what topics you should be publishing Kindle books about… why not just let Amazon tell you directly?

You can start with simple seed keywords (such as “learn to”) and have AK Booster Pro search for matches and rank them by popularity. (It even colour-codes the results so you can evaluate them at-a-glance).

You can start for targeted phrases ( such as “learn to paint”). This way you can go deeper… to find specific sub niches with very little competition. In fact, that’s one of the keys to making huge profits from Kindle publishing … And AK Booster Pro makes it ridiculously easy.

The Submitter Feature

If you don’t actively promote your books, your sales are likely to be extremely disappointing. Amazon attracts an ENORMOUS number of buyers, but that alone isn’t enough. To get the marketing process started, you’ve got to “prime the pump”. One of the ways this is done is by submitting your books to promotional sites (free and/or paid).

The submitter contains the best advertising sites to submit your books to – such as Kindle nation daily and BookBub.

Once again AK Booster Pro makes the whole process very easy… and saves you a ton of wasted time and effort. After all, why would you want to do it the old, slow, boring way? The Submitter expedites the process . (As I mentioned, one of the keys to Kindle publishing is to work smart, instead of hard.)

The Review Feature

Finding Active reviewers for your Kindle books is ESSENTIAL. People like to buy books that provide reviews ( a form of “social proof”).

And that’s where the REVIEW feature comes into play. It helps you find reviewers on Amazon, GoodReads and Facebook:
# The Amazon section finds the most recent and helpful reviewers in any niche and shows you their email ID and website.

# The GoodReads Section searches for reading groups in your desired niche and pulls their ID, email, and website URL so you can contact them.

# The Facebook Section searches for authors and readers in your niche within Facebook groups and gives you their link ID so contacting them is easy.

With AK Booster Pro, you’ll never again struggle to find reviews – which are so critical to your success as a Kindle Platform publisher.

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