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With the emergence and dominance of smart phones, the apps market is boomed and the graph is only going to increase for at least a decade. This brings out a golden opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs to leverage the huge demand and tap on it to build apps that improve the user experience and offer enriched features.

AppSpyPro help entrepreneurs and marketers research, understand and pick out the golden niches in the Android and iOS app stores. With a single click on the mouse, the software scans the app market places and using our strong M9 algorithm, ranks each niche with score that helps you decide if it’s worth building an app for or not.

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  • Helps you market the app to the world.
  • Get the first word as soon as it is live.
  • The software scans the app market places using a single click.
  • Resembles and pick out the golden niches in iOS and Android app store.


  • Ranks each niche with scores.
  • Uses strong M9 algorithm.
  • Helps you decide whether it is worth to build the app for it or not.
  • Gets you the most tending niches on Android and iOS.
  • Provides you with complete statistics about the apps related to your niche – such as average rating, total reviews etc.

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