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NeoNotify app is a highly advanced and easy-to-use Shopify Store notification app. This gives you the freedom to add various offers, push notification and exit popup anywhere you wish on your Shopify Store. The live preview and editing features are unique in this segment with NeoNotify app.

NeoNotify app comes with the endless possibilities of customization. You can either display it as a fixed header, popup, or flexible notification (i.e. place anywhere on the page you want). You can customize the background of the offer/notification with a background-image, background-color and gradient-color. Some more basic content customizations are also available.

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  • Helps to retain visitors and convert them as customers
  • Incredibly helpful to increase customer base
  • Develop strong hold on your visitors
  • This gives you an edge over your competitors to grab more potential customers from visitors.


  • Easy integration with Shopify store.
  • 3-steps – Create, generate and send.
  • Create various notifications include offers, discounts, coupons and exit notifications.
  • Live preview and editor.
  • Easy to install and fully customized functionality.

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