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Find video hungry businesses in just a click! VIDLeads PRO finds businesses in need of video. Find them, contact them and sell them the videos you can create using VidCuratorFX. Find & Contact Local Businesses In Need of videos, Websites, Logos, Social Media Presence & Start Selling Them Your Services!

In just seconds, you've found out all the details about the local businesses around the world, with their contact details. All you need to do next is start hitting them up one by one and closing in sales for your video, website and social media services. Sales will start pouring in within minutes!

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  • Create attention grabbing videos with just a button click.
  • You can quickly and efficiently find local businesses in need of videos, logos, websites, social media presence etc
  • You can start selling your videos to those businesses instantly.


Simply enter the type of business you want to search for in your area or any area. Pizza Shop, Accountants, Lawyers or anything.

Enter the location you want the local businesses from. It could be in any city, state or even country. Yes, it works for US, UK, Australia, France, Germany or pretty much any country you want to search for.

You can filter the businesses by their type and the distance from your office. Find all the business closest to you and the one farthest from you too.

And hit the GO button and VIDLeadPro will find all the businesses, their name, contact details, whether they have a video, a website, social media presence etc and present all of that to you in an easy to understand format!

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